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What Others Say About Shermaine


It's very easy to follow Shermaine's class. She makes Korean so easy to understand and remember. Although I haven't been advancing my Korean study, it's still easy for me to pronounce those Korean characters. For those frequently used Korean phrases, I can easily remember how to say and use them by just reading them once!


I feel that learning Korean really helps me a lot when I'm watching K-Drama! I can easily recognise their tone, meaning, and why do they say certain phrases, and I can also understand the posts that K-pop stars are writing on their social medias!


Shermaine is able to break down individual details of the grammar and sentence structures during every class. The classes are easy to follow and fun to learn!
What makes me even happier is that, I am now able to implement the Korean I've learnt from Shermaine to my work, and it has helped me so much in my career.

Meet your Celebrity Korean Language Specialist
🌟Shermaine Tai🌟
Being a Celebrity Korean Language Specialist, Shermaine has dedicated her life in teaching Korean for the past 6 years

Using her self-designed D.A.I.L.Y. Korean learning system, she was able to learn to speak Korean fluently in just 1.5 months

She later spent 3 years working and studying in Korea to further refine her system.
After she came back to Singapore, more than 100 students all over the world started to look for her for Korean guidance

By just following her D.A.I.L.Y. learning system, students from secondary school teenager, to 45-year-old beautician, are now able to converse in Korean fluently in just 1.5 months!

As a Celebrity Korean specialist, she's constantly invited to speak at various events in Singapore 
She was also featured in one of the popular Korean learning Youtube channel to share her experience

Shermaine also used to do interpretation for famous Korean celebrities and translation for ASEAN sports events

She was even invited to translate for a 100-pax VIP exclusive event for a famous Korea cosmetic brand
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